Sunday, June 16, 2013

More hot weather knitting, free patterns and antique online resource

To continue the topic of hot weather knitting and crocheting, here is an idea from the past: knitted counterpanes. Okay, we don't need to make an entire bedspread but you can do alot with the little pieces that are so easy to knit; pincushions, pillows, baby blankets, get the idea.

I love the little pillow that Wendy at Vintage Pattern Files made with 8 squares.

She provides the pattern for the Apricot Leaf with Feather Pattern Border here.

This block is a bit more complicated and knit in the round. I could see this in a sport weight yarn as a pretty pillow as well.

The pattern can be found here at

If you really want to overdose, check out this online copy of Mrs. George Cupples' A Knitting-Book of Counterpanes from 1871. Download HERE

Love this cable square!
Enjoy, Debby


  1. Hi,

    In the last two years I have knitted this pattern, to finish off a blanket for my mother in the nursing home, I found some squares which she must have knitted in white and I added squares in different colour wools that I had to use up, picture on my blog (last may or June ) I have been knitting it for years, but it was published in a woman's magazine back in the 1980's. which is where I got it from, only I can't remember which magazine, it's been one of my favourites for years, I actually have a little blanket for my knees in this pattern. I did not realise it was that old.

  2. I searched your blog and found your photo on SATURDAY, 19 MAY 2012. It is the same pattern!



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