Thursday, June 27, 2013

Progress on hot weather projects, a free pattern and an interview

Well, I have been making progress on my hot weather projects. It has been very hot and humid here in Virginia this week. So here is what I have been working on. With 1(US) needles and No. 10 cotton thread, I have made some simple lace. It will be attached to vintage linen dinner napkins to make fancy tea towels.

Washed lace laying out to dry!

Here is the pattern, if you would like to make some too.

I also found some lovely finger tip towels, embroidered huck toweling and doilies. Here is a sneak peek. 

And check out this lace doily!

More about them in the coming days. They will be posted on EBAY this weekend.

Next topic:
Here is a great interview of a fellow ETSY KnitterSusan Schutz.

Her shop on ETSY is called Susan's Knitting Socks. She has some great hand knit socks and lovely clothing for American Girl dolls.

Tell her I sent you!

Enjoy, Debby

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