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Eagle Knitting Book 1847 - Rare Victorian resource PDF

Eagle Knitting Book 1847-Third Edition

Rare English knitting book. If you love antique, Victorian knitting, this is a great addition to your library as a primary resource.

20 lovely Victorian knitting patterns.
  • Pretty Cuff with Ruffle
  • New London Muff
  • Hansome Round Cake D'Oyley
  • Pretty Open Lace for Round Cake D'Oyley
  • Strong Bead Purse
  • Knitted Insertion
  • Elegant Open Lace Edging
  • Very Pretty Lace
  • Parisian Lace Edging
  • Royal Drawing Room Slipper
  • Fashionable Star D'Oyley
  • A Gentleman's Comforter
  • A Coloured Anti-macassar
  • Knitted Lace Collar
  • Devonshire Lace
  • The Cornucopia Mat
  • Pattern for a Bag
  • A Netted Neck Tie

A Digitally Cleaned and Restored Reprint published in PDF format, 17 pages in total. 

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Why read books in PDF format? It saves trees. 

What is PDF format? It is the format used by Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have the correct software, you can get it from www.adobe.com. The beautiful thing about PDF files is that they are formatted and paginated which means that they are very easy to read (when compared with plain text files) and they are ready to print! 

Copyright Notice 

This pattern book is reproduced from my personal collection of antique books, booklets and magazines from the 1800's to the early 1900's. They are now in the Public Domain, their Copyright has expired. The reproduced version that I am selling, including its text and images are copyrighted to me, Deborah Decker with all Rights Reserved.


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