Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Historic Knitting Resource-Google Books

Though some have criticized Google's efforts to digitize books, I think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Over time, I have been able to acquire many original Victorian and Edwardian knitting resources but now there are countless books available for us online at books.google.com. It may not be the same as having the real thing in your hand but it sure is a treasure trove of knitting information and primary resources. Here is a great example: I think this is the oldest knitting book I have found on Google books...The ladies' knitting and netting book By Miss Watts 1840.

When you sign into Google, you can set up "bookshelves" to organize what you find. Give Google Books a try and see if you can find something older that 1840 and post it here for all of us to enjoy.

Friday, May 27, 2011

New on ETSY-Vintage Peacock Doily Knitting Pattern PDF

I just posted a great vintage pattern which will challenge the lace knitters out there: the Peacock Doily.

This lovely knitted square doily from 1954 will make any proud possesso the talk of the town. The original was made in white and measures about 17 1/2 inches square. You will need one large ball of number 30 crochet cotton and for greatest ease of working, you should use 5 double pointed steel knitting needles size 13 or 14 (old US). / 15 or 14 (UK) / 1.75 or 2 (mm) / 00 or 0 (US).

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Question to Readers....and coupon give away

What craft would you like to see more patterns or instructions for at Historic Needlecrafts on ETSY? I know what my personal favorites are but that may not match yours. For instance, I have a lot of TATTING patterns but does any one TAT anymore and if they do, do you want to see some vintage patterns? Inquiring minds want to know...well at least mine does! For all those readers who respond with a comment, I will give you a 25% off coupon good for one order (you can have multiple items in a order) at my ETSY store.

I am looking forward to your comments.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Historic Knitting Resource-The Antique Pattern Library

Description from the website: The Antique Pattern Library is an ongoing project to scan antique craft and design books that are in the public domain and make them available on the internet, for free.

Bookmark this site because you will be coming back to it time and again to research vintage terms, look up patterns and download PDF versions of great resources like this Irish crochet booklet or various editions of Corticelli Lessons in Crochet. This is also a great repository of TATTING and LACE patterns and instructions. I love this site.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New on ETSY-Classic Rose Doily Pattern 1957

Ahhhh, 1957 was a very good year. Ha, Ha, can you guess why? Well here is a classic doily pattern from 1957. I just found a crocheted doily made with this pattern at an estate sale and it is LOVELY.

This is a nice project for crocheting in the round as well as the big pink roses that you can

Historic Knitting in Britain

The Victoria and Albert Museum has very interesting articles and pictures of regional knitting history in Britain.

There are vintage patterns too! I had a hard time finding the actual patterns until I found this page.. You can click through the images and a link will appear next to each with a WORD and PDF version. Take your time going through the images...there are some GREAT patterns here. Enjoy your "trip" to London.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Knitting patterns from Godey's Lady's book

I have added a link on the HISTORIC RESOURCES tab to a web site that has some Victorian knitting patterns from Godey's Lady's book. They date from 1852 to 1860.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fashion Plate from 1837

Just for fun, I thought I would post this image from 1837. I have been working on some of these for a new set of screensavers and note cards. What beautiful dresses and hats!

Happy Friday.

Freebie: Vintage Crochet Bon Bon Dish

Here is a simple vintage crochet pattern for you: Crochet Bon Bon dish. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Antique Knitting and Crochet Terms

Antique and Vintage patterns can be a challenge due to the fact that terms used were not standardized. Thankfully, some patterns give some explaination so you can figure out the terminology; others you have to guess.

Judith McLeod-Odell has a great web site that is an online resource in conjuction with her book, Heirloom Knits. Her chart of antique and vintage crochet terms and their meanings is the best I have seen. Rather than try to research and create my own, I bow to this awesome site. Check it out. Her book is fabulous too!

Link to: Antique and Vintage Basic Crochet Terms

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Section in ETSY store

I just opened a new section in my ETSY store: the Dollar Store. You will find simple vintage patterns that are short and easy to complete. Here are the first few items for sale:

Sale Coupon for ETSY store 15% off

Use this coupon code MAY2011BLOGSALE to receive 15% off all items in my ETSY store.

Coupon expires May 31, 2011. Use it today so you don't forget!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cool online knitting tool

I just saw this on TIPNUT:

The “How Many…?” Knitting Tool: A free online calculator to figure out how many stitches or rows to increase (or decrease), how many stitches to cast on (for a particular width) and how many rows to knit (for a particular length).

I am bookmarking this one.

Freebie: Crochet Rag Rug pattern from 1915

Check out this new freebie: a crochet rag rug pattern from 1915. It was called a bungalow crochet rug. Enjoy.

This pattern is free only through this blog.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Freebie: Vintage Infant's Knit Cap

Here is a cute pattern for a knit cap that resembles a baseball cap from the early 1950's. Enjoy the freebie.

New on ETSY-Leaf mats in crochet

I bought some great pattern booklets yesterday so I will be posting more vintage patterns from the early 1950's.

Here is another great vintage pattern.....a leaf mat in crochet . It will make great table mats, pot holders, even dishcloths.

Great your crochet hook out and make some of these easy mats!

Leaf mats in crochet.
Try them as dishcloths!

Friday, May 6, 2011

New on ETSY-Sunflower Hot Plate Mat made with bottle caps

I just added a new vintage pattern on ETSY. It is a reproduction of a crochet pattern to cover bottle caps to create a lovely hot plate mat that looks like a sunflower. These mats are iconic and are a MUST for a RETRO KITCHEN.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New on ETSY-Tea cosy and tea pot nest

Busy day today...listing more patterns on ETSY. Here is another one from Scotland from the early 1900's. It is a crocheted tea cosy (cozy) and two tea pot nests. Now THAT IS VINTAGE. When is the last time you saw some one use a nest for their tea pot.

New on ETSY-Cape Shawl Knitting pattern

New Pattern for sale on ETSY

Here is an easy pattern for a cape shawl. This is a reproduction from a knitting book from early 1900's Scotland.

The edging is a simple crochet trim. Tassels on are the ties and side corners.

The pattern calls for DK weight yarn and UK 4 (US 10) knitting needles. You could also use worsted weight yarn since exact sizing is not an issue.

Here are some ideas for wearing this item:

** elegant "poncho" type garment for cooler days
** pretty "bedjacket" type garment for bedridden friend
** dignified coverup for nursing home resident
** simple garment for reenactment costume

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Freebie: Garter Stitch Diamond Lace Pattern

Here is my first freebie on this blog: instructions for the lace edging used in the new Garter Stitch Diamond Lace Bonnet.

Let me know how you use this edging...like on a shawl, trimming pillowcases or a guest towel. Post your photos too!

Monday, May 2, 2011

New Pattern Party

Thanks for your previous purchases. I have created a new pattern that you may be interested in. It is a knitted lace baby bonnet designed with a Victorian lace edging around the face. It is called Garter Stitch Diamond Lace Bonnet.

The pattern is very easy to knit. I have provided written as well as charted directions.

Here is a special offer that lasts until the end of Sunday, May 8: purchase this new pattern now at Ravelry and get $1 off the regular price of $2.99. That's 33% off. SHOP NOW by using this link or if you log into RAVELRY manually, you can use this coupon code to get your sale price: garterbonnetsale. My store is located at http://www.ravelry.com/stores/knittydebby-designs.

I will be introducing other new patterns, announcing sales, discussing issues with vintage patterns and offering free patterns at this BLOG. Subscribe so you don't miss any news.

I will be posting a coupon code for a sale on all my patterns at Ravelry later this month, so stay posted.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Lace Bonnet pattern

I just finished writing a new lace baby bonnet pattern! This easy to knit bonnet has lace around the face that is based on a Victorian lace edging that I have named Garter Stitch Diamond Lace.

You find this pattern on ETSY and Ravelry.

Let me know what you think!


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