Thursday, June 11, 2015

Knit for your little princess!

With the birth of the new Princess Charlotte, I have seen more pretty and free knitting patterns for lovely baby shawls and bonnets.

Here is a free pattern for a lace baby shawl.

Here is a free pattern for a bonnet and another here

I have read that the bonnet was placed on the baby's head upside down and you can see that from this photo below. The square on the top of her head should be at the back...but it still looks cute!

Send over pictures of your princess in these lovely fashions!

Enjoy, Debby

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Knit along...Victorian knitted lace edging No.3 REVEAL

This No. 3 clipping is from 1880. I have also included a clipping that explains the old knitting terms.

NOTE: I found an error on row 3. Slip 1 and not two at the beginning of this row.

Here is my sample:

I think this would be great on a guest hand towel since it looks like it would stand up to washing!



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