About Me

I love kniting and crocheting as well as other needlecrafts. I also love history so it was a natural development to research and collect historic needlework items and patterns. That love is reflected in my original designs inspired by historic patterns and reproductions of primary vintage and antique resources.

My mom is a crafty person too. She taught me to knit about 45 years ago. Yeah...I'm no spring chicken but I'm not dead yet. (slipped into Monty Python mode there...sorry).

My family is from England so I really cherish English ways like real linen tea towels, knitted tea cozies, lace doiles, milk jug covers, etc.

Right now, my hubby and I live in Virginia near the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains. WE LOVE IT HERE. After living in Central New York for eons, we finally live somewhere that has four distinct seasons and the people here are super friendly. They also know how to eat. I sure love those biscuits.


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