Monday, June 17, 2013

Off topic cleaning discovery!

Like many other knitters, crocheters and other vintage crafters, I also collect vintage textiles. At times, I use an oxyclean type product to soak and clean stained or discolored fabrics. Well, today, I used an vintage crazed plate to hold an old piece of linen down in the solution and the plate came out much brighter! There was still a little crazing visible but most of it was now CLEAN! I am so thrilled. I have tried all sorts of recipes and potions but this worked easily and without fumes (I have asthma). Now I am pulling out other pieces of vintage china that need brightening up. Nothing too valuable...just pretty Goodwill finds. How exciting to breathe new life into my vintage china!

I buy the oxygen cleaner at Dollar Tree as it works as well as the brand name, has less fumes and only costs $1.

Thought I would share my excitement, Debby

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