Tuesday, August 13, 2013

more from 1886..an idea for a lace and cable scarf

More notes from the Encyclopedia of Needlework.

I think that this stitch would make a great scarf with fingering weight yarn and large enough needles to make the laciness of it stand out.

Knitting pattern with dropped stitches —Cast on a number of stitches that divides by 9.

1st row—over, slip 3, knit 1, 2 overs, knit 3, 2 overs, knit 1.
2nd row—knit 3, slip the next, drop the 2 overs, knit 4, turn the work, purl 4, turn the work, knit 4, drop the 2 overs, slip the next stitch.
3rd row—over, slip 2, knit 1, pull slipped stitches over, drop the first of the 4 stitches, knit first the stitch that follows the second double over, then the 4 others plain, and lastly, take up the dropped stitch and knit it plain on the right side of the work.
4th row—knit plain.
5th row—over, slip 3, over, knit 6.
6th row—knit plain, and repeat from the 1st row.
Enjoy, Debby
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