Tuesday, August 6, 2013

more buttons...Singleton and Suffolk puffs

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Here is info on making Singleton buttons

From the WI (Women's Institute) web site:

These beautiful handmade buttons are a lovely way of making matching buttons for your sewing projects, at little cost! Related to woven Dorset buttons, they are a traditional British ‘thrift craft’ worked on rings, using small amounts of fabrics, so great for your scrap pieces and leftovers! You can even use them in jewelry, to embellish bags or change boring buttons on coats and jackets.

Their name comes from the Dorset Singleton family, who first made them in the 1600’s.

Once you get used to making these, one can be completed in less than an hour, so don’t let the lengthy instructions put you off, they are fun to make and extremely pretty!

Instructions to make you own are here.

One more style of button: Suffolk Puffs 

Suffolk puffs or Yo-Yo's, as they are called in America, can change a boring button into a design feature.

Download instructions here.

Enjoy, Debby

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