Friday, July 5, 2013

Estate finds...and another great cleaning product!

I was invited to help a friend clear out a house and prep for an estate sale. She let me pick out some stuff for my time spent there. I got some lovely huck towels with swedish weaving, embroidery and crocheted lace edgings. I needed a portable sewing machine that I could use for quick mending and she gave me a nice little Singer machine that is not too heavy to get up on the kitchen table! Yeah!

I found some crocheted potholders that needed a serious cleaning but were intact with no damage holes. When I got home, out came the Oxyclean. I can not believe the junk that cleaner gets out. There were still some stains on them so I got out my bar of Zote. Have you used this for laundry and stains? It is better than Spray & Wash. You can find it in the laundry section by the Fels Naptha. It is a fabulous shade of pink and smells so CLEAN.
I have rubbed the stubborn stains with the bar of Zote and we will see how the potholders turn out. I have changed the water about 5 times and it still looks brown. Ugh... More dish soap and Oxyclean!

I will leave them to soak overnight...

Enjoy, Debby

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