Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Visit the Dollar Store

Visit the Dollar Store

Summer time may call for a change in our projects. I don't like working on anything heavy or wooly. So how about some small projects that are light and easy? 

Take a trip over to my DOLLAR STORE on ETSY for some great ideas and something different. Every pattern in this section of my store is $1 (US), comes with a free pattern and shipping is free! 

Here are examples of two crochet and two knitting patterns.

Vintage 1952 Flower Basket potholder (crochet)

Vintage 1953 Ruffled dish cloth (crochet)

Vintage 1947 Small Leaves knitted lace edging (knitted) Use on some towels!)

Vintage 1952 Checkerboard pattern purse (knitted)

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