Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Friday: Yarn and Thread selection for Vintage patterns and a Freebie

The hardest thing for me when working with vintage or antique patterns is figuring out which yarn or thread to use. I know that it is all part of the creative process but it would be nice to have some background on mentioned materials.

I found this interesting article that gives some explanations of typical materials that we see mentioned in older patterns. Here is an example:

  • Andalusian: In between fingering and sport weight (try a four-ply Shetland wool, also
    called “jumper weight” by Jamieson and Smith, a modern firm that produces
    wool for retail sale.)
This article also explains archaic terms and needle sizes. 

So check out this site...there are lots of interesting things here for reenactment fans as well.

Have a safe weekend...Irene is coming.

Freebie: Make a silk lamp shade-Ruth Wyeth Spears pattern from 1937

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