Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Friday...what is a rain garden?

In light of the gully washer rain storms we have had lately, I was very interested in this article that came to my INBOX today in a newsletter from Mother Earth News....yeah, I am an OLD hippie.

The article is about Rain Gardens:
  • What are they
  • Why they are needed
  • How to make one

This Wisconsin rain garden ends at a stormwater culvert. Photo by Jim Lorman  

Here is a further article from Natural Home and Garden:
To get you started...from the article:

Booming urban growth, and the concrete that comes with it, has pushed storm drainage to its limits. Most cities channel rain overflow to holding ponds via drains and culverts, which then empty into fresh-water supplies. These manmade systems are designed to move water quickly, but several factors make all this drainage a problem. First...
Read more:

Though this has nothing to do with needlecrafts, I think we would all like to see any improvement to our surroundings and environment and this sounds doable on a personal level.

Enjoy and have a Happy Friday.

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